A leading Sri Lankan bank adopts Intellect OneTREASURY Solution, to drive end-to-end treasury management solutions for its Indian operations

Advanced scalable Treasury solution to increase productivity and provide quick time-to-market advantage for the Bank

  • High STP rates across trading platforms and Confirmation & Settlement, Reconciliation & Accounting GL systems
  • Assurance of rigorous regulatory compliance as mandated by RBI guidelines
  • Comprehensive Limit Management Framework
  • Enables quick product development allowing faster time to market

The client is a leading commercial bank in Sri Lanka which is owned by Government of Sri Lanka. It provides diversified Retail, Wholesale, International, Development/ Investment Banking, Services, Credit, CreditCards, SLIPS, RTGSpayments, Safe Deposite, Custodial and pawn Broking services through a network of 301 local and 3 overseas branches (London, Male & Chennai) and an Off-shore Banking Unit.

The client was in need of a state-of-art treasury system, from a vendor with proven implementation expertise in the Indian market, which could replace its legacy treasury system within a short time-frame. The legacy system relied on excel blotters and manual operations which resulted in low operational efficiency and greatly complicated both risk management and regulatory reporting activities.

Intellect 's OneTREASURY solution was deployed at the bank's overseas Indian branch, enabling it to modernize its Indian Treasury Operations. The Intellect implementation team used a pure product implementation strategy and an interactive process to keep the project under control and deliver it as per the bank's requirements.

Intellect OneTREASURY solution enabled the bank to completely automate and seamlessly integrate Treasury functions and facilitated trading activities by providing robust interfaces with market data providers. The solution provided near real-time views of analytics related to trade and position related information. It was compliant to the Indian regulatory ask and greatly enhanced the accuracy and efficiency of regulatory reporting activities. The new treasury system has recorded zero down-time till date and clocked better response times compared to the legacy system it replaced.

About iRTM

iRTM comprises of three comprehensive solutions catering to the needs in Treasury, Liquidity Risk and Capital Markets domains. The world's largest treasury operations is run over iRTM's solution. iRTM solutions are designed to deliver extreme performance, ensure regulatory compliance and provide an unmatched customer experience. With 68 implementations across 90 countries, we are a brand which progressive firms can rely on to power their banking & capital markets businesses.