A leading South Asian Stock Exchange adopts Intellect’s state-of-art Brokerage Solution

An integrated solution that gives the Broker a real-time view of business at all times and empowers the Exchange community

  • Improved Client Risk Management for the brokers
  • Improved Operational Efficiency thereby reducing costs
  • Achieved buy-in of the broking community for the new exchange solution
  • Achieved a quantum leap in providing accessibility of the trading facilities to investors

The client is a premier Stock Exchange in Bangladesh offering securities trading to a large investor base. It caters to the needs of about 250 brokers trading on 600 listed instruments. Its daily peak volumes range around 200 trades per second. The client’s trading system was opened up in 1998 and had then opened up an era of automation for trading in the country.

With the advent of new technologies and new markets, it wanted to reestablish its dominance in the market place by providing a wider access to its trading facilities and thereby achieving a multi-fold increase in its transaction volumes. The client wanted an integrated automated trading system to cater to automation needs of the exchange and to provide its broking members a shared, embedded and integrated infrastructure. It also wanted to provide a multi-broker back-office system that would allow each broker to maintain customer’s data in the system.

Intellect offered a customized and integrated solution that would function with the client’s new Exchange automation solution. Intellect integrated its technological solution with other financial agencies to affect clearing and settlement of investor trades for their brokers. To meet Bangladesh’s regulatory requirements, Intellect customized its solution for the client.

The solution is a multi-broker end-to-end integrated broking solution that is hosted by the Exchange and is accessible by the investing, broking and the Exchange community on an online, real-time basis.

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