Intellect profiled amongst leading vendors worldwide offering Securities Processing Technology

The back office has never received so much industry attention. Whether it is regulators threatening to impose penalties for systematic settlement failures or blockchain- and machinelearning- focused startups threatening to disrupt and displace incumbent technologies, a lot of eyeballs are on the settlement space. Of course, this industry attention hasn’t translated wholesale into investment dollars—no operations team can expect to be that lucky—but it has meant legacy technologies that are reaching end-of-life status are being considered for replacement.

New regulations in the global securities market and the mounting pressure to reduce costs and minimize risks added to the need for transparency demand for new generation technology that can help firms stay agile, compliant and continuously grow. Need of the hour is a securities processing solution that seamlessly integrates front-, middle-, and back-office functions, facilitates Straight-Through-Processing (STP), ensures regulatory compliance and, also connects customers to the global market place with speed and efficiency.

Intellect OneMARKETS solution has been profiled amongst major vendors worldwide offering Securities Processing Technology in Aite’s report named – “Securities Processing Technology: A New era for LaborArbitrage.”

The report examines the dynamics within the settlement operations and technology function, particularly around firms’ usage and perception of vendor technology and services in this area and also profiles the main vendors offering securities processing technology to both buy-side and sell-side firms, including feedback from reference clients and prospects. When selecting a new securities processing solution, operations team leads are often keen to deploy a more intuitive and easy-to-use platform rather than something that requires extensive training and onboarding to use. The focus is often also on implementing a solution that has exception-based workflow support and as much automation of the simpler and more basic heavy-lifting tasks as possible to enable staff to focus on the more complex or high-risk processing tasks and tackle any potentially costly errors. Large investment banks spend the most on staff even though they have often outsourced their operations to lower-cost locations via offshoring arrangements—the next level of arbitrage is robotic process automation or increased.

Aite states – “The vendor keeps pace with local regulatory changes and has a highly customized approach to meeting clients’ requirements.”

The Solution

Intellect OneMARKETS is a comprehensive Securities Trading & Asset Servicing Platform powered by Digital Markets Portal. A solution built to International Standards incorporating Clearing, Settlement, Corporate Actions, Fees, Billing, fund Accounting and Value Added Services coupled for Securities Lending & Borrowing plus Collateral Management.

Key Technical Information

  • The solution offers Single sign-on access
  • The Interfaces use Java/open standards to allow adaption to bank specific interfaces
  • Fragments to support segregation of static/dynamic content for enhanced caching in portal

Key Initiatives over the next 12 to 18 months

  • Market-making, advanced order types (trailing orders, box-top orders, peg orders etc.) and combo orders that include basket, conditional, spreads and smart order routing.
  • Rule based automated strategies for trading, transaction cost analysis and parameterization of trading compliance rules
  • Robotic process automation for back office processing
  • Advanced predictive analytics