A leading Indian Asset Management Company adopts Intellect Fund Custody to enable Business growth

Comprehensive solution catering to the day-to-day business needs of Fund Houses, Custodians and Registrar & Transfer Agents

  • An integrated solution comprising of Custody, Mutual Fund and Registrar & Transfer Agency solution components
  • Provides comprehensive Fund Supervisory and Custodial services to Retail Investors, Foreign Investors and Asset Management Companies
  • Provides a strong foundation for developing and launching multi-product solutions
  • Draws on one source of investment data thereby eliminating the risk of sharing information

The client is one of the leading fund houses in the country with an investor base of over 4.58 million (live folio count as on 31st March 2013) and over 25 years of rich experience in fund management consistently delivering value to its investors.

The client was hampered by a legacy system which had multiple silo instances which hampered trading and reporting activities across front-midback offices. Numerous incomplete functionalities led to a lot of dependence on manual interventions to facilitate day-to-day activities. The legacy system did not have a parameterized framework which made it impossible to add new functionalities or asset classes.

Intellect Fund Custody instance which was deployed at the client location integrated five disparate systems which were used by the client. StraightThrough-Processing was enabled across all systems to elimnate manual interventions. A configurable limit engine enabled risk management and ensured compliance with SEBI / Regulatory / Internal guidelines across various types of limits. The solution has provided immense benefits with its global components like Accounting engine, Report engine, NAV engine, Self reporting engine, Dash boards and helped the AMC to focus on its core business and give better returns to its unit holders.

The implementation greatly enhanced the client's reporting infrastructure and enabled it to generate 'any-day, any-type' reports in both PDF and Excel formats, without the need to archive. Fund managers could better review their investment strategies with analytics like Simulation and Portfolio Rebalancing.

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