A leading Global Bank Selects Intellect® Registrar And Transfer Agency to kickstart its operations in India

End-to-End transaction processing solution for Mutual Fund Houses

  • Online scanning of application forms
  • Sophisticated Platform with integration between front-middle-back offices
  • Eliminated paper-based transactions
  • Facilitated near real-time valuation of assets

The client is a global banking giant headquartered in Frankfurt. It has over 100,000 employees in over 70 countries with a large presence in Europe, Americas, Asia-Pacific and other emerging markets.

The client wanted to launch its Registrar and Transfer Agency (R&TA) business in India, but lacked experience in this area. It needed support in handling business and regulatory requirements specific to Indian market conditions.

It required an R&TA system that could handle end-to-end Mutual Fund transaction processing and cater to the business requirements of various associated stakeholders. This system should provide support for high volume data entry and complex brokerage processing while adhering to the client's security policies. Intellect deployed its R&TA solution which provides the client support for launching and expanding its Indian R&TA business. The R&TA implementation provided a time-tested solution fully compliant with Indian Market regulatory requirements

A key highlight of the implementation was Intellect R&TA's image-based data entry feature which can be used to effectively centralize and manage transactions. A generic upload module was implemented to receive data from external systems and a comprehensive brokerage module was implemented to support all types of brokerage activities. The solution improved operational efficiency using the Intellect Workflow Engine and provided a comprehensive reporting engine which could be configured based on report type.

About iRTM

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