A leading Indian General Insurance Company adopts Intellect OneTREASURY to achieve business growth and overcome regulatory challenges

Enabling Insurance Companies to enhance the efficiency of their treasury operations while staying compliant to the regulatory ask

  • Single Integrated front-to-back office platform
  • User-definable configurable blotters with multi-dimensional parameters
  • Provides P&L views across Currencies, Products, Portfolios, Tenors etc.
  • Compliant with IRDA guidelines

The client is one of India's largest public sector general insurance companies, which has 18300 work force spread across 1340 offices providing insurance cover to more than 1 Crore policy holders. It has a vast portfolio of insurance products which provides insurance cover from bullock carts to satellites.

The client was plagued by a nine year old legacy system which was hampering automation efforts and making business expansion difficult. The system did not facilitate deployment of new products or scaling up of trade volumes in accordance with the client's business needs. It lacked an IRDA compliant regulatory reporting framework which was mandated by regulatory guidelines.

Intellect implemented a solution suite comprising of Intellect Treasury for Lending, Intellect Lending and ALM/FTP components. It greatly enhanced the efficiency of Fund Management, Lending and Balance Sheet Management functions. The workflows and processes of Intellect's systems were fine tuned to cater to the regulatory needs of clients to facilitate compliance with IRDA guidelines.

The solution implementation enabled the client to automate its entire Insurance Trading Lifecycle right from Sanction process to Valuation of the portfolio through to IRDA reporting. It improved risk decision making through intuitive tools like Graphs, Dashboards and real-time blotters for Portfolio Management. This implementation provided Intellect with the right credentials to announce its presence in the Insurance Treasury domain.

About iRTM

iRTM comprises of three comprehensive solutions catering to the needs in Treasury, Liquidity Risk and Capital Markets domains. The world's largest treasury operations is run over iRTM's solution. iRTM solutions are designed to deliver extreme performance, ensure regulatory compliance and provide an unmatched customer experience. With 68 implementations across 90 countries, we are a brand which progressive firms can rely on to power their banking & capital markets businesses.