One of the World's most complex central banks adopted Intellect OneTREASURY to scale up its nationwide operations

Integrated solution that handles high transactional volumes and unique transaction mix which are typical of Central Banks

  • Tracking and monitoring of unmatched trades
  • Complete automation and seamless integration of treasury functions
  • Real-time online risk exposure and Profit/loss monitoring
  • Winner of the ‘Technology Provider of the Year Award’ at the Central Banking 2015 Awards
  • Enabled STP from Trading Systems through to CBS and other external systems

The client is a one of the world's most complex central banks whose main aim is to regulate the issue of Bank Notes and keeping of reserves with a view to securing monetary stability in India and generally to operate the currency and credit system of the country to its advantage.

The legacy treasury system in the bank did not cater to all the needs of Department of External Investments & Operations (DEIO) and was prohibitively expensive to maintain or upgrade. It could not operate effectively in a centralized treasury environment and the process of consolidating position and risk information was tedious and cumbersome. It was not possible to monitor & manage risk and position information realtime using this system and it also had various performance issues.

Intellect OneTREASURY implementation completely automated and centralized the bank's treasury environment and provided Straight-throughProcessing capabilities across front-mid-back offices. Treasury functionality covering FX, MM, Investments in Bonds, Mutual Funds & IMF Instruments was provided as a part of the implementation along with Market Risk functionality.

Post-implementation, Position and Limit Management could be performed online, real-time without any manual interventions. Efficient liquidity management enabled the bank to greatly reduce the cost of covering overdrafts. Provision of Pre-Warnings in terms of Limits Management and counterparty exposures, improved control over the entire risk and position management process.

About iRTM

iRTM comprises of three comprehensive solutions catering to the needs in Treasury, Liquidity Risk and Capital Markets domains. The world's largest treasury operations is run over iRTM's solution. iRTM solutions are designed to deliver extreme performance, ensure regulatory compliance and provide an unmatched customer experience. With 68 implementations across 90 countries, we are a brand which progressive firms can rely on to power their banking & capital markets businesses.