Celent highlights iRTM’s FX Trading and Technology

The FX market is going through structural and secular shifts and absorbing regulatory and capital changes that have shifted trading volumes. Firms are now looking at their technology choices in FX in new and innovative ways. We are at a point where a highly fragmented market is looking for solutions to solve liquidity sourcing, trade execution and fair access to markets. Many of these challenges are being addressed by innovation in technology in the front, mid and back offices.

Celent, a research, advisory and consulting firm focused on financial services technology has recently profiled iRTM’s FX technology in its report titled “Capital Markets and FX Technology – A Buyer’s Guide to FX Solution (Across the Value Chain)”.

The Key Questions addressed are –

  • What are the Key Trends in FX Technology?
  • How is the FX technology vendor landscape evolving?
  • What solutions are on the market?

This report highlights the major technology offerings of 21 vendor solutions which offer a good microcosm in the FX technology. It looks at the FX technology space broadly considering the needs of a large swath of sell and buy side players. It also looks at the evolving needs of traders such as source pricing, hedge and price distribution in whichever firm they work. At the same time, leading vendors are investing in capabilities that offer access to multiple types of liquidity, managing the workflows and increasing the breadth of products.

Celent, in its report states –

“Intellect’s solution for FX trading combines the modules from Intellect Risk, Treasury, and Capital Markets (Intellect iRTM): Trading & Pricing Engine distribution, Engine & Order Management System, Post Trade Module, Client Interface & Bank Interface..”

Celent highlights iRTM’s FX Trading and Technology

Intellect iRTM has efficient price aggregation engine to interface with external price sources like Bloomberg, Reuters, Fxall, 360T etc. Intellect interfaces with standard APIs with market sources. Any new rate source can be interfaced with Intellect OneTreasury.

The report covers the products and market structures supported, trade managementdata and analytics, regulatory reporting, risk management, compliance and post trade offering of iRTM’s FX trading solution.