Winner of the IDC FinTech Rankings Real Results Award 2019 in ‘Treasury Transformation’ category for the second consecutive year

The IDC FinTech Ranking's Real Results Awards recognizes IT providers that have enabled real, measurable, and future-enabling change at a client financial institution (bank, insurance company or capital markets firm) in the global financial services market. Submissions had been evaluated by a panel including IDC Financial Insights analysts and individuals holding senior positions at prominent financial institutions from across the globe.

"Intellect’s treasury offering, Capital Cube, won the award for ‘treasury & trade’ transformation at one of the Top 4 Banks in Australia".

One of the four major banking organizations in Australia and one of the largest banks in New Zealand, implemented Intellect’s ITTR (Integrated Treasury, Trade Finance and Retail FX) at Fiji and Papua New Guinea (PNG). A landscape of disparate solutions of more than 2 decades old was replaced by Intellect’s ITTR. The bank implemented Intellect’s ITTR to consolidate and scale up their business and to improve their foreign currency positions and liquidity management to remain competitive in the global market.

The bank was looking at a solution that could enable a consolidated view of positions and risk by removing redundant processes across multiple systems and manual interventions. This in turn would help to achieve operational efficiency and allow better client due diligence across channels.

Value delivered:

  • Single platform, real-time solution to mitigate operational, settlement and financial risk.
  • Complete automation and seamless flow leading to increased operational efficiency.
  • Integrated solution improves the efficiency of trading functions, lets the user focus on exception management and eliminate redundant manual processes.
  • Integrated Front Mid Back office treasury supporting the total trade lifecycle
  • High STP from the front office through built-in adapters, to the middle office for control and risk management, to the back office for settlement, accounting and reporting.
  • Configurable workflow management enabling flexibility in adapting to changes quickly.
  • Increased profitability enabled by real time positions, anytime P&L and market scenario tools.
  • 360 degree view across complete trade lifecycle.
  • 56 branches live supporting average 20,000 customers per branch.
  • Trade booking transactions < 2 seconds.
  • Consolidated view of data by interfacing 13+ disparate systems.

Intellect’s treasury stood out and won the award for achieving the following:

  • Angle of Innovation
  • Response to Market Need
  • Effectiveness of implementation
  • Market/End-User benefits
  • Business Advantages
  • Impact on Key Performance indicators
  • " The competitive advantage unique to the bank was to bring together three businesses of treasury, trade finance and retail FX on a single data model ensuring seamless data flow between these components and freeing up resources from redundant processes and efforts to concentrate on business specific activities. In the process, a major white labeling effort was also undertaken in an agile manner to help the bank achieve a throughput of 6000+ business transactions per day and real time balance sheet generation. The flexibility and advantage it gave to the bank can be measured by the ease of ability to add new branches, launch new products and reduce operational resource concentration by reducing EOD run time to <15 minutes. "