Profiled amongst major trade and market surveillance solution providers @ Aite Report titled 'Intelligent Oversight: Trade and Market Surveillance for 2020 and Beyond'

Across the financial industry, a combination of new rules and organizational standards is quickly increasing regulatory and C-suite expectations of compliance professionals and associated investment personnel. Just as automation provides the benefit of being able to have greater investment complexity, issues are compounding for firms wanting to keep pace with trading enhancements and rule changes. Going forward, firms will need the knowledge and tools to prevent, detect, and learn from undesirable actions and/or unwanted behaviors.

But this is no easy task; markets are faster and more global, and the range of inputs to consider is constantly evolving. In this regard, the following should be considered for 2020 and onward:

  • All financial services organizations with trading-related activities ought to have a state-of-the-art design and technology architecture for monitoring purposes.
  • For consumers, solutions will either be bundled as part of larger product sets or provided as stand-alone products by specialized providers.

As part of customers’ larger IT budgets, firms that select to internally source or use less than optimal trading surveillance are potentially putting their firms at risk of financial, reputational, or regulatory harm. Further, the costs of doing such will eventually be superseded by a larger investment and bigger ongoing commitment to maintaining software as markets develop and sophistication in trading techniques increases over time. Fortunately, there are many providers that can alleviate concerns and reduce this burden with a keen focus on the vendor landscape.

Aite Group – a leading analyst in the FinTech space known for its specialized industry reports using qualitative and quantitative methods has come up with a report titled ‘Intelligent Oversight: Trade and Market Surveillance for 2020 and Beyond.’ This report is based on proprietary Aite Group Research supported by data collected in Q2 and Q3 of 2019 through an RFI process with 27 vendors of surveillance technologies. The report highlights areas of business that surveillance technology providers are addressing and how solutions are evolving alongside industry developments.

Intellect’s Capital Alpha is profiled amongst the world’s leading solutions in the ‘Trade and Market Surveillance’ space in Aite’s report. Aite states – “Intellect Design Arena has designed solutions bespoke for clients and offers prepackaged solutions to meet various requirements. iRTM—the risk, treasury, and capital markets arm of Intellect Design Arena—offers solutions focused on the treasury, liquidity risk, and capital markets domain.”

Intellect Capital Alpha’s top three differentiators that have been recognized are:

  • Trade surveillance with market and compliance monitors for retail and institutional investors
  • Facility to adjust risk rules, risk limits, exposure rules, and margin rules depending on the investor trading pattern and exposures
  • SaaS model deployment with licensing and customization fees

Majority of the users of Capital Alpha are from the Asia Pacific and the Middle Eastern markets and through increased sales efforts and new initiatives, we plan to expand globally. In the months to come, our increased focus will be on:

  • Pre - and post-trade risk surveillance
  • Compliance reporting (including business intelligence-based reports), audit trail, and risk parameterizations
  • Modernizations of legacy systems (including integrated real-time solutions for front, middle, and back offices) and easy online onboarding

While next-generation technologies and fancy alerting mechanisms are in vogue, they are in reality very expensive to develop and get right. Hence it is very important for us to have focus on what the client really wants and through and through continuous interactions we can leverage those conversations into greater scale. It is crucial to repurpose existing products further so as to support greater customer needs.