A Leading African Bank Selects Intellect® OneTREASURY to modernize its Treasury Operations and Increase Business Profitability

Specialized NOSTRO/Cash Management solution enables global visibility of cash flows for effective intra-day Liquidity Management

  • Automated reconciliation of over 90% of accounting entries
  • Accurate forecasting of workflows with the option of performing ‘What-if’ analysis
  • Pre-warnings related to Limits Management and Counterparty Exposures
  • Supports strategic decision making
  • Effective Liquidity Management
  • Cash Flow Exception Tracking with workflow

The client is a leading African bank focused on meeting the banking needs of small and medium sized enterprises in the country. The client needed to sustain business growth in an increasingly competitive environment by reducing reliance on manual operations and outdated tools. The existing legacy system had many data integrity issues and regulatory report generation was done manually, which was time consuming and error-prone.

The client needed a Treasury system that could automate the existing manual processes, thus increasing its Straight-Through-Processing (STP) capabilities. The system should also provide management with adequate tools and resources to monitor and control bank-wide liquidity. The solution should provide better Cash Management and Liquidity Management capabilities, which would allow the management to make more profitable business decisions.

Intellect deployed its Bank Liquidity Management solution which provided the client with integrated position and Liquidity Management capabilities. The solution was rolled out using Intellect’ trademark Accelerated Implementation Methodology (AIM) within a short timeframe. Post implementation, it was possible to view real-time positions at Bank/Treasury/Dealer level across multiple currencies and regions.

Automation of confirmation and settlement messages increased accuracy and prevented duplication. The efficiency of the Cash Management process increased as all involved parties were now aware of their forthcoming cashflow requirements. More efficient Liquidity Management provided significant reduction in costs (e.g. reduced cost of covering overdrafts). The regulatory reporting framework was completely automated for facilitating superior regulatory compliance.

About iRTM

iRTM comprises of three comprehensive solutions catering to the needs in Treasury, Liquidity Risk and Capital Markets domains. The world's largest treasury operations is run over iRTM's solution. iRTM solutions are designed to deliver extreme performance, ensure regulatory compliance and provide an unmatched customer experience. With 68 implementations across 90 countries, we are a brand which progressive firms can rely on to power their banking & capital markets businesses.