The Annual Treasury Summit is a recurring annual conference organized by Allan Lloyds group, which provides treasurers and financial experts an opportunity to discuss, comment and evaluate various treasury functions and brainstorm ideas on the modern day treasury market. iRTM participated as the main sponsor at the 3rd Annual Treasury Summit - Financial and Capital Markets conference, which took place on 18th and 19th of May 2016 at London Marriott Hotel Kensington, located in London, UK. The conference featured decision makers, professionals and leading experts in the treasury management space from top financial institutions like Barclays, BNP Paribas Securities, Commerzbank AG, Credit Suisse, Duetsche Bank, ING Wholesale Banking, Rabobank, UniCredit and many more. iRTM had an exhibit stall at the conference where OneTREASURY and OneLRM solutions were showcased to visitors.

A session titled 'Liquidity Coverage Ratio: New Normal for Bank Resilience' delivered by Fitz Drummond (VP – Group Treasury, Deutsche Bank) focussed on the challenges faced by banks in the area of aggregation and summarization of risk data for LCR / NSFR calculations. Edouard Berthet (Head of Treasury, Forex & MM Operations – BNP Paribas Securities Services) shared his insights on the topic of 'Intraday Liquidity: Stress Scenario and Reporting'. He spoke about the typology for intraday time-specific payments and advanced models which sit between SWIFT and payment systems, with the aim of managing / coordinating settlement flows and their associated timings.

iRTM was represented at the event by Chetan Kamat (Head of European Sales and Business Development – iRTM) and Timothy Donnelly (Business Development Manager - iRTM). Chetan Kamat presented, on 'Analytics in Treasury Management'. He spoke about various regulations which are designed to monitor Liquidity risk and their impact on a bank's profitability and Funding strategies. He shared his insights on the challenges faced by banks while keeping track of liabilities and finding appropriate run-off treatments for these liabilities. In this context, he introduced OneLRM's Liability Modelling capability to the audience. Intellect also sponsored a panel discussion on the topic of 'Brexit and European Regulations' at the conference, which featured Amaya Mazaira from Banco Santander UK, Chris Allen from Barclays and Edouard Berthet from BNP Paribas Securities Services.

Rene Brunner (Head of Money Market Trading – ERSTE Group), Gert Sonck (Associate – Working Capital Solutions, ING Belgium) and Vladimir Ravinger (Director – POSTOVA BANKA) were two of the attendees who visited Intellect's stall, discussed with iRTM experts and expressed interest in iRTM's solutions. Treasurers at the conference who networked with iRTM experts, shared some of their major concerns with respect to the European Treasury landscape like having to deal with low/negative interest rates, market contractions, increased capital charges being imposed on banks due to Basel III regulations etc. In a nutshell, the conference provided iRTM with a unique opportunity to interact with leading decision makers in the European treasury space and understand their business and technological needs. iRTM's participation at the conference was promoted on all three social media platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.