The role of a treasurer is becoming more strategic, as the focus of financial institutions is shifting to increasing profitability across business verticals in the face of stringent regulations around Capital and Liquidity buffers. There is a need for top level management to have access to real-time enterprise-wide liquidity and risk information, which can empower them with required intelligence to make the right strategic decisions. Volatile markets, further complicated by vast amount of information overload, require real-time systems that are able to provide pertinent, pre-analyzed and intelligence-driven data.

Such a system would enable Treasurers and Traders to take advantage of real-time online information for ‘right time entry/exit’ of their positions and maximize revenues; and effectively measure, monitor and actively manage intraday liquidity positions in real-time. The need of the day for treasurers is an integrated solution that has enhanced tools across national and international payments schemes, collections, liquidity management, risk management, clearing, and settlement on real-time basis, supporting various asset classes.

Intellect OneTREASURY, which is designed using real-time technologies, seamlessly integrates and automates treasury functions across front-mid-back offices; and provide users with the required risk intelligence through a user focused and configurable visualization framework.

Intellect OneTREASURY provides an enterprise-wide view of Real-Time liquidity, which enables a firm to meet stringent liquidity requirements and regulations, ensure compliance to changing Capital Adequacy norms and support robust Risk Management practices. Powered by cutting-edge real-time technologies, which exponentially improve processing speeds and throughput rates and provide access to real-time information in intuitive formats for improving the organization-wide decision making process.

Portal based Treasury Trading Solution

  • Equip's a bank's treasury clientele with self-trading capability
  • Helps in cross-selling products to customers
  • Enables business expansion by enabling the clientele to stay connected with the treasury around-the-clock

Dynamic Real-time Risk Reporting

  • Intuitive display of real-time risk information
  • Dynamic revaluation of position related information
  • Enables traders and mid-office to identify areas of concern which require the attention of management

Front-Mid-Back Office Cross-Asset Treasury Management Solution

  • Enables trading across multiple asset classes
  • Helps in identification of risk associated with trading portfolios
  • Operational Efficiency is achieved through high STP rates across front-mid-and back offices

Comprehensive Collateral Management Capability

  • Enables Treasurers to understand counterparty wise exposure
  • Minimizes counterparty risk through appropriate usage of collateral
  • Provides coverage across multiple asset classes

Bank-wide Liquidity Risk Management

  • Enables decision makers to view cash flows from various banking businesses
  • Provides visibility of cash flows both by entities as well as currencies
  • Helps risk managers ot make accurate funding and liquidity management decisions

Intra-Day Liquidity Management

  • Manages various Nostro accounts of banks to ensure that they are well funded to manage various business transactions
  • Dynamic Dashboards enable accurate Intra-Day Liquidity Management decisions
  • Compliance with latest regulations like Basel III and Dodd-Frank

Market Risk Management

  • Provides coverage across multiple Market Risk Factors
  • All metrics are available across portfolio and individual class level for various products and instruments

Confirmation Matching and Reconciliation

  • Manages confirmations related to outstanding OTC transactions
  • Position reconciliation enables mitigation of settlement risk
  • Provides Exception Management support