The increase in the use of communication and information technologies has changed the way businesses / consumers interact with applications to make transactions. Treasury departments are investing in technologies which can greatly enhance the customer experience while meeting their business requirements. Treasury Management Systems should provide treasurers with accurate real-time information related to cash flows, funding availability, financial exposures etc., in order to enhance their decision making process. Intellect OneTREASURY provides robust real-time functionalities to facilitate the convenience of the trading process and improve decision making across the enterprise.

Real-Time Treasury

Salient Features

  • Rapid updation of position information and booking of trades is facilitated through ‘2-click’ technology
  • 'Push Technology' facilitates real-time refresh and updation of blotters
  • 'XTP' technology enables Extreme Processing (5x speed achieved through in-memory cache processing)
  • 'E2E' technology enables >96% STP rates across the entire Trade Life Cycle
  • 'R' Library – Real-time risk analytics and risk models plug in using R library
  • Provides meaningful omni-channel visualizations covering Liquidity, Risk and Operations
  • Powered by ‘Zf Risk Visualiser’ which connects dots across 56 risk dimensions and supports insightful decision making through active risk monitoring