With the aim of improving their trading and service performance capabilities, financial institutions today are looking for Integrated front to back office Treasury Management systems which can support multiple asset classes and bring in cost efficiencies. The treasury systems should also be agile and extensible to accommodate new and complex products which emerge due to evolving business needs. Intellect Treasury is such an end-to-end front-to-back office, Straight-Through-Processing (STP) treasury platform which improves operational efficiency, drives profitability and better manages risk associated with trading activities.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive front-mid-back office STP trading platform covering multiple asset classes
  • Integrates and Automates entire gamut of firm's treasury functions
  • Increases operational efficiency by allowing a firm to leverage a single comprehensive trading and risk solution
  • Facilitates real-time product structuring, cross asset P & L and risk reporting
  • On Line Limit Monitoring and decision Support
  • Enables quick and pro-active decisions thereby driving profitability and managing risk effectively
  • Enables business to effectively identify and capitalize on opportunities