Intra-Day Liquidity Management has become a key element in the overall Liquidity Risk management framework of a bank. Proper Intra-Day Liquidity Management ensures that Funds are accessible during business days for management of payments in real time. Intellect Nostro / Cash Management solution helps banks to monitor and manage Intra-Day Liquidity and the risk associated with it. The solution also helps the bank better understand Fund Flows, Payment Patterns and Settlements.

Key Features

  • Provides visibility of bank-wide cash and positions across all products enabling a bank to better align its cash flow and exposure
  • Provides operational efficiency through complete automation of Reconciliation and Balancing and seamless integration of cash management functions
  • Centralised desk to manage funding requirements in same currency or cross currency at global level
  • Cash position blotter supporting the complete cash concentration structure – notional and zero balance cash pooling
  • Flexible Rule based Funds Transfer (including auto-generation of MT messages) and cut off time capabilities for decisions on Funding
  • Configurable Workbench (blotters, views, queries) and rule engine for Recon
  • Case Manager for exception tracking with a comprehensive workflow manager
  • Gives the flexibility to fund the accounts to manage the liquidity between NOSTRO accounts using Funds Transfer option