Financial institutions in the securities finance industry, are facing pressures on their profit margins due to a spate of regulations like Basel III, CRD-IV, Dodd-Frank and related regional regulatory initiatives. As asset management firms continue to venture into the Securities Lending & Borrowing space in their pursuit of broadening their product ranges, they require solutions which can enable them to automate and enhance their existing securities financing processes.

OneMARKET's Securities Lending & Borrowing module provides a back office infrastructure which automates and manages a firm's Securities Lending and Borrowing Business end-to-end.

Securities Lending & Borrowing

Salient Features of the Securities Lending & Borrowing Module:

  • Manages Clearing and Settlement activities for Equities, Debt and Mutual Funds
  • Provides real-time position updates with lent and borrowed positions
  • Option of Early Repay/Recall by borrowers / lenders
  • Enables Tracking and Valuation of Collateral
  • Provides Corporate Actions Support
  • Equipped with SWIFT integrated workflows (MT5xx)
  • Provides Interfaces with depositories for settlement and holding reconciliation