The global securities market is constantly evolving in the face of new regulations. Broker dealers are facing increased pressure to incorporate new technologies to manage growing trade volumes and all this has to be done at reduced costs. Unpredictable market conditions expose brokerage houses to various types of risk and hence there has to be a proper framework for risk mitigation and regulatory control requires greater transparency.

The increasing cost of regulatory compliance further exacerbates the pressure on profitability of broking companies. With the persistence of these changed industry dynamics, market players also continue to focus on containing costs, restructuring business models and relatively larger players with access to capital are exploring alternate sources of revenue and profits.

OneMARKET's Order Management module is a single integrated offering that banks and brokerage houses can use to offer retail and institutional investors broking and investment services in multiple markets / exchanges.

Order Management

Salient Features of the Order Management Module:

  • Handles all Exchange Traded Instruments, Equity, Derivatives, Forwards and Trades in OTC markets
  • Equipped with Multiple Access Channels including DMA (Direct Market Access Terminals)
  • High Performance Exchange Gateways – Real-time Market Data interface
  • Enables Trading the Digital Way – Powered by Android and iPhone Apps
  • Integrated Real-time Market Watch and Order Blotters
  • Co-Lo Low Latency order & execution management platform
  • Support for No-Touch and One-Touch Orders
  • Provides global FIX Connectivity with Marco Polo networks
  • Support for Exchange Imposed Throttling
  • Payment gateway interfaces for fund transfers