In the past asset managers viewed risk management as a mechanism for monitoring, measuring and preventing market loss, but in recent times there is a growing awareness that is can be leveraged to serve a broader, more pro-active purpose. A robust risk management framework can help asset managers to maximize risk adjusted returns and minimize operational risk in a cost-effective way.

OneMARKET's Mid Office module is designed to manage both pre-trade and post-trade risk associated with various asset management functions across multiple market and customer segments.

Mid Office

Salient Features of the Mid Office Module:

  • Mark-to-Market your portfolio real-time and get a realistic appraisal of your institution's financial situation
  • Template-based Risk Settings
  • Real-time Collateral Margins
  • Configurable Pre-Trade and Post-Trade Monitoring
  • One-Touch / No-Touch Risk Mitigation
  • Regulatory Compliance – Stock Watch List, Value Checks
  • Post-trade Aggregation