OneMARKETS is an end-to-end integrated Asset Management Platform with a high degree of Straight Through Processing (STP).  It enables trading across multiple asset classes and is equipped with robust interfaces with various market infrastructures, like Central Securities Depositories (CSDs), Central Counter Parties (CCPs), Exchanges, International Central Securities Depositories (ICSDs), etc.

It is designed to cater to the complex business and regulatory needs of Asset Management firms, Portfolio Management firms, Fund Managers and Custodians.

  • It enables clients to trade on exchanges through Direct Market Access terminals. It effectively mitigates and manages both pre-trade and post-trade risks
  • It enables clients to transact across multiple Asset Management Companies (AMC) and schemes through a single order and single payment instruction
  • It facilitates clearing and settlement activities through a unique 'Securities Market Ready Technology' (SMART)
  • It manages the entire Corporate Actions life-cycle through secure entitlement generation, liquidation and follow-up support
  • It reduces operational costs by providing support for complex Fund, Fee and Commission structures

The thirteen modules which constitute OneMARKETS are:

  1. Digital Markets Portal , which is an end-to-end omni-channel solution, providing digital access across devices
  2. Order Management module, which enables Trading on Exchanges.
  3. Middle-office module, which manages pre-trade and post-trade risk monitoring and mitigation activities.
  4. Fund Distribution module, which facilitates transactions across multiple fund schemes.
  5. Fund Administration module, which supports activities required to run a collective investment scheme.
  6. Fund Accounting module, which manages accounting activities for a varied portfolio of investments.
  7. Transfer Agency module, which facilitates the activities of Registrars and Transfer Agents.
  8. Clearing and Settlement module, which facilitates clearing and settlement activities across multiple asset classes.
  9. Corporate Actions module, which enables management of the Corporate Actions life-cycle.
  10. Customer Services module, which enables the full life-cycle of Portfolio Management.
  11. Fee & Billing module, which manages flexible fee structures and billing processes.
  12. Securities Lending and Borrowing module, which automates and manages Securities Lending and Borrowing activities.
  13. Collateral Management module, which enables optimization of collateralizable assets while availing of credit.

OneMARKETS is designed to seamlessly fit into a firm's existing technology landscape through:

  1. Interfaces with multiple market entities using non-standard data exchange formats;
  2. Enables quick adaptation to new market entities;
  3. Seamless management of regulatory reporting activities across different regions; and
  4. Handling of client-specific needs for information exchange.