Given the variety of fund portfolios handled by large Fund Management / Asset Servicing institutions, the process of managing the Fund Distribution function effectively across multiple funds can become a complex and challenging task. Distributors need systems which can enable them to view and transact across fund portfolios anywhere, anytime through a single instruction.

OneMARKET's Fund Distribution module enables distributors to transact and view across multiple AMCs and their schemes through a single order and single payment instruction. It eliminates repetitive paperwork and redundant manual processes that impede the productivity of investors and advisors in the Mutual Fund Industry.

Fund Distribution

Salient Features of the Fund Distribution module:

  • Provides a unique Investor Identification Number
  • Has the capability to verify investor credentials against Government / Agency databases
  • Provides a consolidated portfolio view across investments
  • Supports multiple transaction types (Purchase, Redeem, Switch, SIP, SWP, STP & Non-Financial Transactions)
  • Supports multiple channels for procuring investor details (Bulk Upload, Offline – Physical scanning, Offline Investor entry)
  • Supports Aggregated Fund Transfer to AMC's
  • Enables Fund Collection through multiple channels (Web, Mobile & Offline)
  • Provides a standardized information exchange format across market entities