As regulators continue to demand greater levels of transparency, it is critical for firms in the asset management space to manage funds effectively, in order to retain their business profitability. The process of automating the management of funds and consolidating data required for the same can be a highly cost-intensive and time-consuming process.

OneMARKET's Fund Administration module greatly simplifies the fund administration process by allowing decision makers to re-balance a fund portfolio with a single click. It can perform compliance checks at any stage of a fund's life-cycle, to ensure that it does not breach its objectives.

Fund Administration

Salient Features of the Fund Administration Module:

  • Enables Fund Rebalancing against benchmark
  • What-if Analysis by deal simulation
  • Provides support for Cash-flow analysis / forecasting
  • Evaluate a Fund using multiple Fund Performance Parameters
  • Provides Fund Managers with the ability to do pre-order checks
  • Provides a configurable workflow for order routing / approvals
  • Provides support for Bulk order placements at broker level
  • Limit Engine manages Investment Limits real-time
  • Provides Exposure checks across multiple parameters
  • Meets Regulatory and compliance needs across fund portfolios