For Asset Management companies which invest handle a large number of fund portfolios the process of managing the accounting process associated with each of these portfolios can become an onerous task. They require robust fund accounting systems which can seamlessly automate the generation of financial statements and balance sheets associated with various funds, which can be used for both accounting and regulatory reporting purposes.

OneMARKET's Fund Accounting module has the capability to manage multiple funds from a single source database. It is a flexible solution that helps in reducing the complexity of Fund Accounting operations. It increases the efficiency of Fund Managers and helps them to better manage risk.

Fund Accounting

Salient Features of the Fund Accounting module:

  • Enables timely and accurate calculation of NAV through single click NAV calculation and re-computation feature
  • Perform valuation based on various parameters which can be set at the fund-level
  • Enables Real-time generation of Balance Sheet, Anytime
  • Configurable Charge management framework
  • Three-level GL (Main, Sub & Break-Up)
  • Supports bulk upload of JV entries and Rule Based generation of accounting entries
  • Has the capability to generate Holding statements across Exchange Traded and Money Market Instruments