The type of fee charged by an Asset Management institution depends on the type of the client and the service being offered to the client. Given the diversity of the global securities services landscape, the client fee billing process can also become very time consuming and cumbersome to manage.

OneMARKET's Fee & Billing module provides a unique fee structure for every client account, which is very essential given the varied needs of modern-day clients in the custodial services space. It automates the fee-billing process end-to-end, by eliminating manual interventions and the bill generation process can also be customized based on customer preferences.

Fee & Billing

Salient Features of the Fee & Billing Module:

  • Provides the flexibility to define different fee structures at Relationship, Client or Service Levels
  • Client preference for Billing based on Billing Currency, Fee Currency, Bill Language and Billing frequency
  • Has the capability to handle different Frequencies of billing across clients
  • Support for Service-wise / Total Payment by client
  • Support for under-billing and over-billing for the previous billing period
  • Manages fee and billing operations across multiple currencies and multiple languages
  • Liquidation Support and follow-up