In order to increase their revenues, financial institutions are looking for ways to get more insights into the behavior of their customers, which will allow them to better customize and fine-tune their products and provide specific value-added services demanded by clients. Improved customer insights enable financial institutions to better manage customer expectations and deliver superior investment advice. By leveraging digital technology effectively, financial institutions can significantly reduce cost-to-serve and better reach out to customers in remote locations.

OneMARKET's customer services module enables financial institutions to improve customer experience through front-office tools which facilitate deep customer engagement and provide high velocity personalized advice to individual clients. It significantly reduces operational risk by facilitating regulatory compliance for customers, the financial institution and the involved regulatory agencies.

Securities, Lending & Borrowing

Salient Features of the Customer Services Module:

  • Supports Omnibus and direct modes on investments
  • Covers the entire cycle of Acquire, Plan, Execute and Monitor
  • Significantly enhanced Client Management - facilitates Lead Management, Account Opening, Relationship Management and Customer Communication
  • Enables Risk Profiling, Asset Allocation, Goal-based Investments and Portfolio Construction
  • Provides support for various Portfolio Modelling techniques (DPMS, non DPMS, Advisory and Portfolio Rebalancing)
  • Comprehensive portfolio management and analytics capability (Provides Portfolio Views, provides Portfolio Analytics, Provides Deviation Alerts, Improves Regulatory Compliance, Limit Checks and support for Client Reporting & MIS Reporting)
  • Multi-Market, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency Ready Solution
  • Provides support for Contact Management including social media