As Businesses continue to expand into new market segments and geographies in their pursuit for growth, the volume of Corporate Actions events being processed is also growing exponentially. Keeping this in mind, financial institutions are looking to automate their corporate actions processing frameworks with the aim of minimizing inefficiencies like manual interventions and processing errors, which are responsible for generating huge annual losses.

OneMARKET's Corporate Actions module automates and manages the entire Corporate Actions Lifecycle end-to-end. It provides support for a wide range of corporate actions events and ensures that clients get their dues for all events, with a fool-proof entitlement generation, liquidation and follow-up support.

Corporate Actions

Salient Features of the Corporate Actions Module:

  • Automates event creation using the Event Scheduler
  • Has the capability to process information from multiple 'data providers'
  • Event notifications through SWIFT messaging
  • Cognitive Entitlement Computation Engine
  • Option of Entitlement Computation on Traded or Settled Positions
  • Automatic entitlement recomputation based on changed positions
  • Comprehensive coverage of close to 30 event types
  • Standing Instructions for voluntary events
  • Reminders for non-receipt of Customer instructions