In today's increasingly regulated market, risk overview is an important function in financial institutions, given the severe competitive environment and the need to maximize returns for a given level of risk capital. Risk is not static, and in risk management, ‘Seeing is Believing'. Therefore, to make risk data actionable, it is necessary to make it noticeable. The answer from Intellect is Zf Risk Visualizer, a solution for all customer enterprise monitoring requirements.

Risk Visualization customers can ensure that they do not expose themselves to such risks with an 'out-of-the-box' real-time monitoring solution that is flexible to bank-specific rules. Risk Visualization monitors portfolio, trade, position, regulatory and reference data in real-time. With proactive management of exceptions and immediate alerts of any discrepancy, issues can be resolved before loss of reputation and incurring of cost penalties.

Stress Testing

Salient features of the Zf Risk Visualizer module are:

  • Connects the dots across Market Risk, Counter party Risk and Liquidity Risk by incorporating '56 dimensions of risk'
  • 'Platform agnostic' with comprehensive 'Risk Universe' which reads directly from the existing interfacing system data stores ensuring integrity of data
  • 'Pre built data connectors' with 'published APIs' that can be directly placed over any in-house built or off-the-shelf product in the bank enabling faster time to market